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Non-Food Packaging

Although food and drink packaging holds a large part of the flexible packaging segment, non-food items are also a major component. From fertilizers to pharmaceuticals to guitar strings, flexible packaging has provided solutions for countless products and projects.

Since so many different materials and material combinations exist, flexible packaging can be altered to suit almost any product. Various coatings can be applied for detergents or soaps to prevent the strong smell or chemicals from perforating through the bag. Stronger material structures can be used for heavier products or products that have a tendency to puncture through packages. The lightest and most economical materials can be used for products that don’t require any barrier qualities whatsoever.

These various materials can be applied to any style package, whether it’s a stand up pouch, flat pouch, gusseted bag or roll stock. Each of these options is very versatile and can be modified to suit your needs. Seal type or size, zipper location, hang hole application and die cuts are just a few of the available options. With so many creative minds working in the packaging field, there are sure to be more innovations just around the corner.

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